You Are Enough

You Are Enough

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Are your fears attracting toxic relationships?

Your outward appearance may show confidence, but on the inside, are you insecure? Do you struggle with your desires to please people and gain their approval? Your fears may be leading you into unhealthy relationships.

Life has a way of confronting you with the same things in new packages, just to see if you’ve learned anything. Often, after you end one toxic relationship, another one comes around the corner with a different name and story. You’ll eventually have to deal with the roots of your heart that are attracting these toxic relationships. You must overcome the insecurities and fears that are stopping you from experiencing an abundant life.

 Most people who attract unavailable relationships are actually unconsciously unavailable. Many of them have a fear of never finding real love. They are insecure about their weaknesses and past failures, and they unconsciously believe no one will ever love their truth. Deep down, you want to be free of these anxieties, fears, and insecurities, but you may be unsure how to truly do so. It takes great courage to let your guard down and be your authentic self.

 As you read You Are Enough, you will gain freedom by learning how to embrace, accept and love yourself. You will develop new habits that will enhance your relationship with God, yourself and others. You will learn more about who God created you to be, and you will grow in spiritual intimacy with Him. As you start the journey of opening your heart to love, you will treat yourself better and stop allowing mistreatment from others. You will heal from the inside out in the certainty that you are enough.

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