When God Sent My Husband Book

When God Sent My Husband Book

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Have you been praying for a husband?

Seeking advice on Christian dating? It’s not easy being single and when you have a vision to be married, it’s challenging to patiently wait on the right one. It’s important to understand that God has a divine purpose for your life and He wants to gift you with the right man. Ranked one of the top bestseller Christian books on dating, “When God Sent My Husband” is a single women’s guide to gaining wisdom on:

  • Preparing for marriage
  • Overcoming commitment issues
  • Building a solid foundation that captures and keeps love

“When God Sent My Husband” is named a must-read for single women books. Relationship expert, Rainie Howard shares her personal story of seeking love, dating and embracing the divine experience of God bringing her husband into her life. This is a miraculous story of God being the ultimate matchmaker. This book will encourage you to take a spiritual and practical approach towards Christian dating and preparing for marriage.

Rainie Howard is a wife, mother and mentor. She has authored several books on relationships and is sought after as a conference speaker. Rainie Howard teaches a weekly spiritual class called Miraculous Moments with Rainie. Rainie Howard and her husband Patrick are the founders of “RealLoveExist”, a movement that promotes real love stories and healthy marriages, encouraging others to never give up on love. To learn more about “RealLoveExist” go to www.RealLoveExist.com