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You hear it all the time from couples who separate or divorce..."we grew apart." There are understandable reasons for separation when it comes to domestic violence, domestic abuse or any other abusive relationships. Your health and safety is very important and it's vital that you remove yourself from all emotional abuse and pay attention to the early signs of domestic violence. 

However, at times healthy relationships go through challenging times that require more effort, love and support. In that case instead of breaking away from a great relationship and giving up there are things you can do to grow in love. 

I find it hard to believe that couples organically grow apart. When people say "we grew apart" they are unconsciously saying" the separation was out of our control." 

However, when the relationship is toxic, you may feel as if you grew apart yet you continue to cling to a toxic relationship. 

Are you wondering how to get over a breakup or heal from an abusive relationship?

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Bestselling author, and relationship expert, Rainie Howard is renowned for helping people transform their lives with a focus on spiritual growth and purpose. Rainie has authored several books including, Addicted To Pain and When God Sent My Husband.

Ranked one of the top bestseller abusive relationship books, Addicted to Pain reveals the truths every woman needs to heal from a toxic relationship and return to a life rich with purpose and fulfillment. Rainie serves as Founder of several privately held companies in such industries as education, and personal development. Rainie Howard is the CEO of Rainie Howard Enterprises and the founder of Sisters of Hope Inc. For more of her story, go here

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